Thursday, June 30, 2016

{ we wish we were } Wonder Woman

5 Common Misconceptions About Wedding Planners

Every wedding planner wishes she was Wonder Woman and could lasso the moon for you on your wedding day. But even Wonder Woman had her limitations. We have outlined 5 common misconceptions about a Wedding Planner's role to help you be better informed when you are looking for the right fit.

To complicate matters, every wedding planning company offers a slightly different set of services and verbiage, making it difficult to compare apples-to-apples. The best first step is to list your expectations for a wedding planner, and at your first meeting with a potential planner, don't be afraid to dig-in and ask really specific questions about what they DO and DON'T DO.

This blog isn't meant to be hard-and-fast rules for every wedding planning company, but these common misconceptions hold true for the Olive & Belle team.

#1 - Travel Agent

The line between travel agent and wedding planner can be blurry. As much as we would love to sneak into your suitcase and jet-off to exotic locations, we don't actually help plan your honeymoon. The best way to draw-the-line is to ask yourself, "Is this something a travel agent would do?" If the answer is yes, then you can assume it is not something your wedding planner will do unless otherwise specified. For example, most wedding planners will not work with hotels to create guest reservations, negotiate room discounts, or reserve room blocks. This responsibility would fall onto your plate, or you may choose to hire a travel agent to assist.

At Olive & Belle, the depth of our travel expertise is enough to book your getaway car and a shuttle for your out-of-town guests to get from the hotel to the venue. Otherwise, we would love to give you some travel agent recommendations (Krista Betts at Balboa Vacations is our go-to)!

#2 - Vendor Substitute

Just trust do not want us to DJ/emcee your wedding (we get stage fright). The role of a wedding planner isn't meant to save you money by filling gaps for missing vendors, but instead to make sure there are NO GAPS and that all of your plans are buttoned-up for a seamless event. If it is not in your budget to book a DJ, the wedding planner can help you come up with a Plan B but they won't be the ones to actually get on the mic to make announcements during your wedding. For example, a great alternative is to ask a friend or family member to make those announcements (possibly a friend who you considered to be a part of the wedding party that has a fun, outgoing personality). 

At Olive & Belle, we are experts at coordinating the logistics and managing the big picture, but we are not also experts at creating flower centerpieces, decorating your cake, mixing a cocktail, or busing tables. Instead, we are there to make sure the people you hired to do those tasks are doing it perfectly to match your vision.

#3 - DIY Craft Pro

This is a misconception that varies widely across the industry. There are certainly some wedding planners that double as DIY Craft Pros, who help you create DIY decor, but this really is a separate role/service from just being a wedding planner. A true wedding planner's role will end at helping you plan and outline the DIY projects to-do for your wedding. The planner will help decide where your money is best spent and what decor will be most impactful as a DIY project versus outsourced to a professional vendor, but the planner won't be the one actually holding the hot glue gun. 

At Olive & Belle, we help you make those DIY decor decisions, and we love staging your decor on tables the day-of the wedding to make it all come-to-life. We just kindly ask that prior to the wedding all DIY projects are complete, and decor is pre-assembled and unpacked ahead of time. You spend a lot of money on a wedding planner; we are professionals there to manage your vendors, so to get the most out of your money spent, you don't want us spending our 10 hours of time stapling and glueing on the day-of. 

#4 - Installation Team

Okay...this is a big one. Although similar to misconception #2, this is important to call-out on its own. Wedding planners are not installation teams; meaning that wedding planners are not the ones climbing ladders, hanging things from rafters, installing your lighting, or running your projector and sound equipment. 

At Olive & Belle, we are dainty little ladies and certainly do not have the muscles to hang from the rafters. Plus, we are scared of heights :-) The good news is that there are plenty of vendors in the area that can help you make your installation dreams come true, and we will help you find those people!

#5 - Limited Options


A wedding planner should never corner you into booking one vendor, but should instead present you with multiple options and give you informed details. Though a planner may have a preferred vendor list, they should still give you multiple options so you feel confident about your pick! This misconception is actually more of a best-practice or guideline for you, as the bride/groom, to think about. When you hire a wedding planner, you are going to get most value out of that relationship by working with their preferred or recommended vendors. These are the vendors that the wedding planner trusts to hold the same high standard or quality of work. You chose a planner because you like their style and their organization, now trust that they are going to present you with the right vendors to bring your vision to life. This will get you the best bang for your buck working together, because not only will it expedite the planning process, but the vendor and planner have experience working together so the day-of will be more in-sync and seamless. In the end, a preferred vendor list is a good sign! 

At Olive & Belle, we have dozens of vendors in each category that we trust, so we will easily find a vendor that you love that will meet your budget and style requirements. We are always happy and willing to work with vendors you book on your own time as well, but if we are doing your design and vendor planning we will help you find vendors that you love from our large list!

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