Wednesday, June 1, 2016

{ sweet as honey } Our Mission To #ShareTheJoy

{ sweet as honey} Our Mission To #ShareTheJoy

Earlier today we announced that we have started donating 3% of every wedding booking to the charity, Random Act of Flowers. Random Act of Flowers recycles flowers from weddings to deliver beautiful bouquets and moments of kindness to individuals in healthcare facilities across the country. We want to tell you about the inspiration behind this decision and our mission to #ShareTheJoy.  

At Olive & Belle Events, we take joy seriously because joy is an important part of YOUR wedding day. Our mission is to reduce stress and distraction so joy can take centerstage of your big day. We want your joy to be celebrated, so by donating 3% of your wedding booking, we are honoring your new marriage by multiplying and sharing a little piece of your joy with individuals who need a little extra joy in their lives.

Now let's get personal...

Six months ago, I lost my grandmother "Honey" to heart failure. Her parting inspired me to make philanthropy a part of the Olive & Belle culture.

Honey was a true southern belle, a giver, and the life of the party. Summers with Honey meant gardening. I remember planting hundreds of tulip bulbs. I think she loved planting flowers, because bees needed the flowers to make sweet Honey.

With Honey, the party never ended because she saw joy in everything. Even in her last breath she was joyful, and I think that is because she knew joy was contagious and the legacy she was leaving behind had infected us all. Honey did her part Sharing The Joy, now it is my turn.

What better way to #ShareTheJoy than by MULTIPLYING it? Your wedding day Joy multiplied by all of Olive & Belle's wedding bookings multiplied by all of Random Act of Flowers network = thousands of people experiencing joy thanks to YOUR WEDDING and Honey's legacy.

I like to imagine that one of those recycled bouquets makes it to a sweet older woman in a heart hospital who wishes she was in her garden instead of a hospital bed.

Cheers Honey!


  1. Sydney.. This is incredible!!! You really have something special and unique! I wish I could get married again and use your support.. WOW!!

    1. Thanks Mary!! What a nice compliment! There is always a vow renewal ya know ;-) ;-)

  2. Made me cry tears of joy! She would be so proud, but not as proud as me. "Joy, Joy, Joy!"